We gain real consciousness about soul and spiritual aspect of life when we are abound by the mysterious problems imposed on us by life ! We struggle with them, try our best to get out of those problems, seek help from that unrevealed Supreme power, feel helpless and at times, we are even at the verge of breakdown.  That is when we are forced to acknowledge the fact that their is some ‘Supreme power’ that holds control of whatever is happening in our life ; that is when our conscience is inquisitive and wants to know the unrevelled truth about life and death, about the Karmas that we did in the past and the consequences that we face for them today. 

I wouldn’t say that a completely happy soul, a completely happy human would ever want to know the unknown. Buddha went on his journey to ‘consciousness’ only after seeing the agony of life and death. We are only cognizant of the fact that we are here in this materialistic world for a reason , a purpose- the purpose of uniting ourself with the enlighted one – the ‘Supreme power’ and be a part of it. What we face in this life is a consequence of our past Karmas and what we do today, is not much in our control unless our soul is enlightened and consciousness taken to the level of self realization. 

It is a chain linked in a dexterous manner – the purpose is to help us attain that consciousness and reach ‘him’. He gives problems, gives us time to think over the present karmas, which further pushes us to seek awareness of why a certain thing is happening in our life and finally wants us to look for ways to cleanse the ‘karmas’ and soul to reach him. A journey that’s very intriguing, consuming but enlightening towards his path though !

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