Lots of people find comfort in their daily routine. Maybe it gives them satisfaction that they have done  their duty or maybe it gives them peace that they have made positive contributions to the overall good of the family. The youngsters have so much on their plate that they have no time for themselves and look forward to holidays when, maybe, they can spend quality time with the family and people who are 58+ have to make an effort to keep themselves occupied so that they don’t feel depressed and low. 

Ladies I guess never retire from the kitchen so have something to keep them occupied. But the daily routine gets to them too. Many face the Empty Nest Syndrome leading to depression and sadness. I find men are generally at a loss – how to pass time in a fruitful manner.           

Recently, I had the opportunity to meet 2 gentlemen who are in their early 70s. Both of them look forward to getting up early in the morning and welcoming a new day. I was really keen to know what was the cause of their enthusiasm, as there are many days when I get up thinking-” same old routine- let me snuggle in bed for some time more”.  And end up sleeping for nearly 1-2 hours more. 😊😊.

Here is what Mr A had to say -” I have started reading my holy book with meanings. I read slowly trying to find the meaning word by word of what I am reading. Which was quite an eye opener for me. Never had the time to say my prayers when I was working. After retirement I started going for a walk in the morning. 3 gentlemen of different faith used to walk together and everyday had something new to tell about what they had read the previous day from their Holy Book. Most of them were new to the fine intricacies of their religion. So while we were walking we were not gossiping but learning something new. What started as a chance to contribute to the conversation has become my mission in life now. This is the 3rd round of my reading my Granth but every time I learn something new. So I have started getting up early to catch up from where I left the slokas the previous day. I look forward to the new day.

   Mr B had a different story to tell, “I was never an artistic person. In fact quite the opposite. Couldn’t draw a straight line to save my life 😀😀. I was really bored after retirement. Time was hanging heavy on my head. Then one day a young girl in the building, decided to hold Mandala art classes. I knew she was doing this because she needed money but didn’t want charity. So I joined her class with the idea that I will pay the fees and after 2 days pretend that I wasn’t well. The first day was embarrassing. I couldn’t do anything right. But the girl was so encouraging, making a special effort to help me. The second day it was better and whenever I went wrong she told me that in art nothing is wrong, you have just created a new design. I found drawing very soothing and the 2 hours just flew. I finished the 1 week course with her and enjoyed it thoroughly. Though I had learnt something new I didn’t know what could I make that would be useful. By nature I can’t do anything unless it has some use. Drawing for the sake of enjoyment didn’t make sense to me. It had to have some use. When I told the girl about my dilemma she told me to make bookmarks. They would be easy to make instead of a bigger project and she talked to the main bookshop in our locality- that they would give the bookmarks free to anyone who purchased a book from them. As I wasn’t doing it for money I was happy that my time won’t be wasted and I was making something that was useful.

Her idea was a real hit. I was making 3-4 bookmarks a day. Very soon people started requesting the bookshop owner for bookmarks. So suddenly I had lots to do. I went online searched for more designs and purchased more raw material and I am spending  4-6 hours every day making bookmarks. When I get up in the morning my mind is already thinking about what design should I make – maybe experiment with different colours. And the best part is – I can’t go wrong – because in art you just created a new design. Recently I got  for a request from a big book shop in the main market asking me for 20 pieces a day and they are willing to pay for it. But I refused. I am doing this to make myself happy and don’t have the tension of delivering on time. I am totally loving it. Every morning when I get up I have something to look forward to. My wife is happy too.I have no time to bother her,”he laughed. 

The common link I found in both the conversations was that they both had something to look forward to when they got up in the morning. So having some goal – however small and maybe insignificant to many, can be the reason for making your day happy and interesting. 

It’s never too late to cultivate a new hobby and have something to look forward to when you get up in the morning. 

What does my OS family have to say ???