Do You Have It? 


Have a heart that beats with love.

In this parched world

You could be the rain. 


Have a helping hand to be the anchor

To a drowning soul.

Will you? 


Have a compassionate look.

Many will see hopes in those eyes…

Don’t you want to keep them alive? 


Have the humility to serve others.

People are waiting to be embraced 

And accepted.


Have patience when life seems hard.

Radiate hope to those

Who can’t yet see.


Have faith when you’re lost

And can’t find a way.

Look through the thick fog of misery:

The inner light always shines in glory.


Have strength to reclaim your seat

In the abode of divinity.

Let your strength inspire others.


Have a soul that knows its source

And like a river

Through valleys and forests of life

Goes to merge with the sea

Called God!


Thank You.