Koti koti dandavat at your lotus feet oh Swamiji. Your baby is doing fine. Today is his 21st day and in the evening we will be doing a Puja for him. Please bless the already blessed soul. We have named him as ‘SAMIL’, the Hindi meaning of which is inclusion and Arabic meaning is ‘Peace Maker’ (Aman aur chain kayam karnewala). It is only our fancy. We know that you have other name and plans for him. We will share his photo in due course of time. All the readers are requested to bear with us till that time. The following is a Keyboard piece played by Sahil as a tribute to you Swamiji. (Shaker Tune, traditional)


I want to share something very interesting with all the readers today. It is the outcome of a deep analysis of our revered Swamiji and his leela. I just want to draw your attention towards the awesome piece of work Swamiji is doing for the Sanatan Dharma. The sheer hard work to make such a costly App (Sadhana App) to be freely accessible by masses is really an amazing thing in itself. Swamiji spent all his hard earned money for us in developing the magnificent app. Like all his works, this is also a work of meticulously curated perfection. The Graphics, the voice and the feel – all are really divine.

At the end of last Saturday’s Post, Swamiji gave us the glimpse of what’s in store in the form of a trailer which is just mind blowing incorporating his own divine voice. We are truly blessed oh Swamiji to receive such a gift for free. My dear Hritik had written a blog on Piracy and how free things tend to spoil us. But, I have a contradictory view. One cannot pay for things which are free, confused? Let me explain. Can you pay for the oxygen which is your life? Can you pay for the water, which rain god gives us? Can you pay for the Sunrays which give us warmth and sustain life on earth with all the sources of energies which can be traced back to Sun God? The answer is “NO“. No body on earth is rich enough to pay for these free resources.

Similarly, can we pay for what Swamiji has been doing for all of us? Let me ask all of you a question: When the great Ram who was an avatar of god tried to build Ram-Setu to Lanka, did he really require the help of the Vanar Sena? After all he was God and what on universe was beyond his capabilities! But he was kind enough to bestow all the animals a chance to ‘help’ him in building the Ram-Setu. It was once in a lifetime opportunity bestowed by the God to all the creatures to participate.

Similarly, Swamiji has worked really hard to protect the Sanatan Dharma spending all his hard earned money. Had he wished to do a single Tantrik Ritual, he would have been sitting on heaps of wealth. When the Divine Mother is with him, he still preferred to do the hard work without any short cut. He wanted to follow an honest approach and set an example for all of us. Had he wished to take divine help, he would have amassed wealth manifold than he earned with all the toil. Does he have anything in short supply when the mother divine roams in his ashram? Does he really need to seek our help in such a trivial matter, given that he could get all the information about his ashram from chirping birds !? Not at all.

This is just like Lord Ram bestowing an opportunity to all the creatures to participate in a great endeavor and be blessed. Swamiji has lovingly called up on all his loved ones to participate in this great endeavor to revive the Sanatan Dharma. It is an opportunity for seva and self-salvation. Swamiji has given us once in a life-time offer to grab it with both the hands. He has given us the opportunity to be that squirrel during the construction of the Ram-Setu.

I did my squirrel bit in first phase (some more phases are due over the period of time) and it is an amazing feeling. Not only did I get immense satisfaction, to my utter surprise, within hours of the contribution, I received exactly same amount in my bank account from someone, I cannot reveal here with a loving note for Samil!

If you still have hesitation, Swamiji is providing 80G Tax waiver form for donation which should inspire even the most miserly ones to come forward to save some Tax. And I am not joking!

Contribute kar ke toh dekho;

Chamtkar hote hue toh dekho.

Love ya Swamiji. Your charanashrit Biswa, Sanghamitra, Sahil and Samil.

Thank you all the readers. Jai Shri Hari…