Our words are many
Scriptures are many
With great pride we recite them

“Oh, I know!”
I hear you say.
But what do you know?

He is blue like the clouds
He is ever smiling
Oh, around Him, bliss pervades

His compassion is endless
His love is unimaginable
I hear you speak with conviction

But, Oh friend!
Tell me,
What do you really know?
If you knew, could you speak?
If you knew, could you describe?

Because the real knowing, cannot be known
What are you saying my friend?
You know nothing!

Let’s go and find out,
Whether you come or not,
I won’t be back to tell
Because in knowledge, there is no knower.

Note: Inspired from the saying:

“Can the salt doll ever come back to speak about the depth of the ocean?”

The idea is that we really don’t know anything. All we have is borrowed knowledge, borrowed devotion, borrowed ideas. We have read so many scriptures that even our description of the Lord or of love is borrowed, conditioned. Let’s go and find out. Let’s find out the truth, beyond ideas and words.

As Swami says:

Discover Your Own Truth


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