Since the onset of covid 19 two years  back and social distancing aswell marriage gathering limit restrictions, it was after a very long gap that we as a family went for a marriage. While dressing up with dazzling shiny clothes,Golden foot wear and choicest of ornaments ( which I had planned in my head 2 hours before leaving for the function),My daughter complained she has no Indian formal wear,to which I suggested that she wears decent western or use 2 years back Diwali bought attire.Since now both her and me are equally tall and have same foot size, she ultimately wore my old long skirt only getting some safety pins to tighten the top from waist line! As we reached the venue ,she said I should have had dressed even better, to which I said   but we don’t know anyone but one family here( it was my husband s juniors brothers in law s marriage) ,to which she  said, that demands even more dressing, I couldn’t understand the logic though. I realized in the morning unlike usually I too had put no nail polish both on my hands and toes aswell repeated same ear rings  which I wore in same couples engagement 2 days back. But if I don’t myself notice or remember what someone else is wearing who ll remember it about me? And even if someone judges me for being more affluent and thus likable due to my looks, clothes,jewelery, make up or purse would they still like me if I have none of them or have them of a quality which they consider local.Why to have such people in life? It’s not that I m free of my image in the world or specifically among non avoidable very close female relatives! Just remembered one day I got a not so pleasant call from my mother in law that what do I want to show my sisters in law s inlaws,I was puzzled about what was she talking? So I asked what ,that time she told me I had worn same saatee and same  ornaments in my sisters in law s mother in law s brother s son and daughter s marriage which were 5 years apart! Though I didn’t remember any thing but those whose center of life is clothes did!

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