We have seen a lot of new Robinhoods around in your city, in your colony, in your township. What they do is to give contracts to friends, favour people and take commissions and with that do a bit back for society. They would rob you all but help few people in need with that money to satisfy their own heart that what I am doing is right. The question is how right is this?

If you look at from one angle they are helping few poor people, helping people in need and become popular or hero or sometimes God like figure. The problem is how have they got this money which they are giving for help, not sure how many decide this while they are getting benefited from it. How good is this help which we take and should we think about it any time.

Coming back to our Robinhood’s story, I know someone who was doing a lot of wrong and taking money from HQ as he was a big boss of the company. He use to give contracts to his wife and pay huge amount of money to her company, all the things which were brought in he use to get a cut out of it and many similar things were happening, but the good part was he was using this money to help people by contributing to startups, setting meetups, ordering snacks and drinks to make startups connect with other people, help some folks by contributing or connecting them to others whom he has helped etc. So he was more like a goto person for any help and a lot of people use to respect him for that. 

So the question for you all is that this Robinhood nature of help is good, justified or bad. Post your comments and let me know your thoughts.