I am new in the world of meditation. I usually practice for around 30 minutes
in morning and 30 minutes in evening. When I try to push my self for more it can
go around to 60 minutes also.

I am having different kinds of experiences but that I won’t share because as Swami Ji says
once you tell about your experiences then you try to run after them in your
sessions and instead of meditating you want to experience them again.
I visualized Swami Ji, standing in black dress near to Mother Goddess
and I asked “What next Swami Ji?“. In the evening session I asked the same question again.

Next day when I woke up at 6AM, I saw a YouTube notification that a new video is uploaded of Swami Ji.
I said to myself that after meditating I will watch the video because after meditating for sometime there is nothing else I think other than Swami Ji and his lotus feet.

In the video Swami Ji answered my question. He said “It won’t happen without practice, Kaunteya. It won’t happen without detachment“.
Swami Ji beautifully explained that a person whose practice gets better, his detachment also increases with it. And whose detachment is strong
automatically, their Dhyana practice gets better.

Similar thing Swami Ji once said for Asana and Dhyana – “Asana se Dhyana hai aur Dhyana se Asana”.

So, Yes my Guru Ji listens and answers to questions asked 🙂

Dandvat Pranam Swami Ji.

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