There was a dog and its puppy. Even when the puppy was quite small, I would see that the mother would go and almost gnaw at the little one’s neck. The puppy would yell and struggle. It would do it quite often. I would think that it could be some sort of a training. But it continued even when the puppy grew up. It would go and bite the child dog, which would struggle and retaliate. Of course, it would not harm it beyond a threshold, of which it knew best. The mother dog seemed to be deriving joy from all this. Whenever it would see its child struggle and retaliate and make a show of its capabilities, it seemed to enjoy it. So, it was doing it again and again. It would do it only with its child and not with other dogs around. And so, both of them seemed endlessly playing and biting each other in the garden. I think the mother felt very proud each time its child displayed its capabilities. It would crave to see him in action, so it would go and instigate him. When the child became little big, it also would go and bite at its mother and both would be playing with each other.
I think it is the case with most mothers, they can’t wait for an opportunity to feel proud about their children. Well, it is such a natural thing for anyone to feel proud about the object of their creation, be it a child, a house, a dish, a computer program, a post, a painting or anything. We would never tire of seeing them function well. We would love to see them in action, in use…
Well, does The Creator also take pride in the workings of His creation, in the efforts of His creatures? Does He also feel the need to feel proud? Like the puppy is there someone watching us in our adversities, waiting to feel proud, seeing how well we deal with them?

Thank you for reading my sharings. 🙏

In photo – Wally, the now grown up puppy!