Binary oppositions have a huge role to play in order to perceive an idea and then to conceptualize it. That’s why white doesn’t exist without black or good without bad or life without death. This is actually the way human mind creates and nurtures understanding and knowledge. This has paved the whole way of our lives and that’s what one sees around and goes through.

What comes to your mind when you think of life; family relationships, career, challenges or suffering. Under the influence of the binaries one finds oneself in a pool of opposing forces; a virtually neverending psychological conflict and emotional entanglements which again create the very source of misery and suffering.So one misses out the beauty and grandeur which life is to offer. For a petty mind life appears to be an individual thing that is divided (and not shared) into the millions and billions of creatures around. It appears to be mesmerized with some sort of limited knowledge or belief. It doesn’t happen to look into things completely and wholeheartedly and never discover the moors of its existence which connects it with the vastness and generosity of the mother nature.

One may reason out the ugliness of life on the basis of the acts of cold blooded crimes, hunger, exploitation and diseases, and question the very idea of beauty of life itself. The point I wish to make is, life to human beings means a lot. Human beings who remain on the top of the scale of evolution have a unique gift of consciousness or you call it knowingness, has an opportunity to look at things as they are. The beauty of life lies in the fact that one can look at every thing physical, psychological, emotional, social or so, from an objective distance. Once you as a pure knowingness place yourself at a distance misery and suffering dissolve.