Prelude: We all seek recognition, appreciation, valuation from others. Our worth is miserably dependent on others. But that’s a sure way of guaranteeing misery, because we are giving the keys of our happiness in the hands of the world. We must find our self-worth. That way, we can live independently.


🍁 Don’t Wait

Even if nobody understands you

Gives you your credit

Or thanks you for your work—

Don’t wait for anybody’s recognition.

Be your own light!


O friend of mine,

Don’t do anything out of expectation,

But for the sheer joy of contributing

A thing of beauty, a thing of value

To the world.

And that itself is your reward—

Your satisfaction.


Let even the hope

Of getting





Don’t wait for the world’s attention.

Simply be a source of light. 


And thus, my friend,

You’ll know joy

You’ll know peace. 


Let your brightness speak for you.

Let the blind world wonder and bathe—

In your shine.

Even if they don’t know your name. 

What’s your loss really?


Everything will follow naturally.

You don’t need to run after it. 

Therefore, my fellow friend,

Don’t wait for anybody.

Just shine bright! 

Thank you.
Image Credit: jozefmicic/Adobe Stock

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