How you define and achieve happiness. Well it may be a sense of fullness and freedom in the present moment. So wisdom of savouring by being here and now and let go. Is happiness and pleasure same ? Not really, pleasure is more about gratification through sensory perceptions , while happiness entails blissful state of love for every living creature.  How happiness can be attained or any etiological reasons to have it. Is it play of various hormones and neurotransmitters ?
Happiness depends on various neurotransmitters and hormones 
1.D-Dopamine- duty to esteem, like your status, position and possessions. But it is temporary 
2 .O-Oxytocin- O. Remaining inside O- means close human relations. Have a nice day shaking, hugging, empathetic. Non saturable. More you have such relationships more oxytocin 
3. S– Serotonin-service to others. Again non saturable. More you serve more is serotonin 
4. E-Endorphins- Exercise. Effects are temporary 
For happiness DOSE all  these chemicals is required. More important to enjoy bliss of here and now with loving nature

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