Today I told an male member ,how fond I was of him! Not every one can be a brother or being of opposite gender it’s not essential that I have feelings of romantic attraction for him but being a good human being and getting very positive vibes from him ,surely I can feel very fond of his presence. Since I have met this person virtually only and neither have we talked at length nor solved each other’s problems or helped each other physically, emotionally or financially, I can’t claim he is my friend too.Now to the topic, would I accept the same remark from my husband for a lady? Just to be truthful he has many women colleagues aswell juniors and is a very loyal and decent man but once when a lady client called on our land line and asked ” can I talk to Varun”, I had a big spying argument on why she dint adress him as Mr Varun or Mr Goswami! Also at times I think ,I m so much in love with Swamiji like all of us ,would I accept with as much open heart if my husband loves a very beautiful lady saint and keeps only thinking about her! Would I with most positive feelings send him to ashram? R we double standard people? Do rules of game change when our kids dint do as good in exam ? If the ball was in other court and they monitored our house cleaning and cooking skills to be flawless without a mistake and ridiculed or shouted on us as we do when even one addition problem is not correct, how would we feel? We want kids to study each moment specially in exam days ,how about if they demand same in cooking ,cleaning, dusting ,washing or earnings money from us? For our house helps we don’t want a single greasy dish or even a particle of dust while walking bare feet in house or we don’t want our drivers to apply breaks often ,what about our standard of work when we do these by ourselves? and how offended we feel when a boss/ mother in law finds faults with us?But we often do it with our staff. We ask our kids to use less screen ,but aren’t we glued to net flix,mobile or social media? Hypocrites.

.are not we?