As it goes every human being is unique and have different likes and tastes. Everyone have their own aspirations, own perspectives and choices of things developed over their journey in life. So, why entertainment be left, it is also different and yet enjoyed fully. Mine is to watch Asian dramas .    I really liked a quote from one of the dramas  worth pondering on and is buzzing in my head over for few days. So, I thought I will share it with you all…here it goes:


“Whenever you are in a race , you may come first, second, third or last but the most important thing is to head up and start fresh .”


This quote reminds me of a lot of incidences where I almost gave up without trying again or fearing that I might not be able to give my best.

In particular a incident happened in my life few days ago where I participated in debate competition, I prepared for it thoroughly and well learnt about the topic and decided that I would give my best to it. But, on the day of competition, when my turn came to present the points in the favour of the topic, I became nervous and forgot all the things. I knew I need to say and ended up messing, finishing with 3 to 4 lines. It was embarrassing and I was really upset for the same but as I settled I reminded myself of the quote from the drama series that “the most important thing is to head up and start afresh”. That’s the best I can do.

And decided that I will again get up and work on it and will make a fresh start. When faced with disappointments, I will try again and make positive improvements in myself and will keep hope alive. So, by motivating myself, I am filled with spirit and got to understand the importance of starting again and working on mistakes.


Jai Sri Hari🌷🙏


With High Spirit


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