You will ask me why again Drama World. Well then let me tell you something about myself. I am one of those bad students who doesn’t like reading FULLSTOP. Growing up, reading means passing the exams for me. I have never enjoyed reading which still continues to this day. Today, I would still read a little bit if need be but nevertheless, I have to admit I never enjoy it. So, whatever you will read here is just like my diary feeds. The information here is the content that my five senses have perceived, digested, reproduced, and created and as understood by my intellect. After all, these five senses are used to feel alive and life should be all about Live Love Laugh (LLL), celebrate with others, and be happy together. But then the question arises; Are we able to live the LLL Life we so want crazily? If not, what is the solution? My answer was ADDICTION & ESCAPISM. Addiction in the form of watching dramas endlessly without sleep and escaping from the reality in the form of friends, family, and my mind who repeatedly keep suggesting to get the surgery done for god’s sake.

Back in 2016, I was diagnosed with Allergic Rhinitis and Nasal Polyps. It started in one nostril but soon both my nostrils were blocked with not even an iota of air flowing in. The solution is of course surgery and lifelong medication, nasal sprays, and steroids. This didn’t fit well with me since it will deprive me of LLL and it will also deteriorate my health in the long run. By then I was already not working and taking a break from my job. I decided to go for alternative medicine and not mainstream allopathy to see if I could recover through detoxification. (How my recovery journey went by and what I learn during the process is for another time). Ultimately, I did recover after 4+ years.

So now a task for you all. Completely stuff both your nostrils with cotton balls and try to breathe through your mouth and see how long you can keep up. Don’t be too worried by looking at the number 4+ years because there were running nose days and postnasal drip days which gave me a little relief as if saying to me that it’s just detox going on. All my well-wishers suggested surgery but the stubborn girl(at the heart of course or maybe not) within me was so madly stuck up on LLL that it didn’t want to let go and live a lifeless life. (Why I was so against surgery is for another time). Next, I had to just escape into the dramaland for this entire 4+ years so that my conscious brain is engaged in some activity which it likes doing and not making me aware of my suffering. During this period, relaxation wouldn’t have been possible without a supportive husband, in-laws, parents, and family.

This journey ended once my health recovered. If you ask me how I kept my sanity during this time, then I would attribute it to Om Swami’s grace. He had been protecting me. If you ask me why and how dramaland helped, then the how part has already been covered in my previous article. Now, the why part is very simple, it let me live the life of my choice and interest (LLL life). I can decide which genre I feel like watching on that particular day, stop watching if I don’t like, fast-forward, rewind, repeat a series, etc and the benefits just go on. Here, I have full control over which characters to watch. I can just skip the unhappy parts of the characters which I don’t like and only watch the ones that I like. Luckily I always found some series that suited my taste during the initial period. My choices would be Romance, youth, Romantic comedy, law, detective, business, etc. I would avoid Melodrama, Thriller, Horror, Family drama which makes your heart race or sad. I would also avoid very long dramas since I don’t like getting bored also. But can one continue living like that forever or will there be an infinite pool of dramas that fall into the categories of my choice? And you all will unanimously shout a big “NO” and I would just say “I KNOW” in an undertone.

P.S: I forgot to tell you about the souvenir that I brought back – LIVE LOVE LAUGH(LLL), CRY & Shake it off, and then just RESET.

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