Watching non-stop international dramas lead me to a state of total emotional detachment as if watching your past lives, future lives or dream lives on screen over and over again. That too not only of one culture, society, language, country, or timeline (Thanks to the subtitles in the Global Language). When you watch them repeatedly, they lose their magnetic or addictive ability over a period of time and what’s left is just repetition with a few new elements added here and there in each new drama but the story and ending almost familiar. This leads me to think about why are we so attached to love, relationships, excitement, and life in general. Do I like a racing heart or does a racing heart excites me? (Question worth pondering). But the racing heart doesn’t always have to mean only excitement. It can also be fear after all.

Understanding human nature from different character perspectives; from each role’s standpoint seemed to be a whole new dimension.  Why villains became who they are and why did our lead characters get to shine at the forefront? This makes me really think if we have the right to be judgmental about people’s behavior and emotional outbursts. After all, we don’t know their backstory or circumstances which lead to their current behavioral traits, since everybody eats food and creates trash. But what smell comes out of trash is ultimately decided by what we can get/afford to eat vs choose to eat.

No one character is completely negative or completely positive. There are always shades of grey. But why do our lead characters always shine and supporting characters get lashed out often? It’s not that the other characters are waxed out but it’s just that the spotlight is on our lead characters. Our eyes can view only this limited vision space, and that is this feature of vision being captured in the form of focusing on our lead characters. After watching hundreds of dramas, I realized that there is always a backstory to every character’s personality trait development. And almost feels like destined or having no choice other than just fitting into that character outfit willingly or unwillingly because that is what the circumstances and society have decided, leaving the character with no other choices at all to choose from. Comparison, benchmarking and necessity seem to be the sources of inspiration for human growth or bringing about a conscious change in life. With this, I pen down my first ever thought stream.