There was a period where dreams were a usual occurrence for me.  I was in awe and amazed whenever these dreams did not terrify me by the alternate worlds they spin.  

Sometime there were lions coming out of innocent looking rooms, sometimes I would be thrown into giant red ocean waves while innocently swinging! There were burning buildings, complicated structures, giant holes directly to the center of the earth right in the middle of a living room (yikes!), stairs going in all directions, birds, mountains, pastures etc.  There were also funny dreams and meaningless ones. Then there were dreams that was too real. There is no end to what these dreams bring up!

This started the research into dream interpretations because of curiosity. It is a fascinating world for sure.  I learnt some basics and came to an understanding that dreams, especially themes that reoccur are a way for our subconscious to share with us what is overwhelming it but we don’t acknowledge in real life!? Hope that makes sense!?  I don’t think that dreams are premonitions (at least for most of us) or evil omens! 😊 I think they are innocent but important indications to our inner unacknowledged world of feelings which is bursting to be recognized – especially if these dreams become a usual occurrence. 

Also learnt that all our subconscious has the same basic structure and dream symbols could point us to a theme.  For example water means emotions. Buildings could be your life/lifestyle. Traveling in car or bus or other transport could mean life direction in general. Different birds means different things. Each dream is still tailored for the person that is seeing it – so it is quite personal even if others also see the same dream. Also if you watch a lot of content before sleeping then your dreams may not be yours, but thought extensions of the show you were watching 😋

The general feeling of the dream is also important. You should start by writing down all the important themes of your dream as soon as you can after waking without overthinking it so that you can analyze it somewhat.  I did use this site quite a bit as well : I was reading some common dream interpretations on that site that people worldwide see. It is truly fascinating.

Dream interpretations are like superstitions. Sometimes people can get very stuck here and read things that are quite fanatic ( just my opinion) So, why interpret it in the first place? In interpreting the recurring dreams you could start to analyze and pay attention or start thinking about what you are trying to ignore which is always a healthier way to live. 

Do you have dreams? Terrifying? Recurrent? Funny? Care to share? Any special dream that you remember?

Do you have any thought about dreams or what they signify?