Pink Floyd’s very famous song Comfortably Numb (released in 1980) has a line – ‘the child is grown; the dream is gone’. This to me is the perennial cause for the unhappiness or unsatisfied with life feeling that many of us have. We don’t keep the child in us alive, something that we all have often heard or read but completely forgotten.

These days an advertainment campaign is being telecasted on various channels which is based on the theme that children are most creative. The campaign features a lot of celebrities endorsing the idea of catching them young citing examples of their own achievements at a young age. I will not touch upon the commercial motive and ethical aspect of the campaign but the fact remains that children are pure soul looking for uncomplicated life with freedom.

As we grow, we start complicating our lives with various socially constructed norms. Our mind gets conditioned with mostly unwarranted thoughts and processes. In the bargain we lose sight of our own dreams or what gives us happiness and feeling of freedom. We get so entangled in the daily chores conforming to socially constructed norms that we are not able to free ourselves despite our best of efforts. When we stop dreaming, we stop growing also.

So, in order to live a happy meaningful life, we all must keep the child in us alive and not only dream but dream big. Let’s revisit our young years and relearn dreaming. Our happiness and our sense of freedom is in our hands which nobody can take away from us.