What is it that this heart yearns for??

Forever in quest of an enigma.


Why does it dream of passions unfulfilled?

Making every goal achieved a starting point to this journey.


Why does it dream of a mission yet to be accomplished?

Making every act the beginning of a new saga.


Hope floats every time the mind loses the battle to win,

Pushing me hard to reach the zenith.


At times I feel am gazing at an abyss,

But the eyes are forever searching the bottom.


It feels like eternity in waiting, before I reach the goal

Many a past lives have I travelled to seek with the same soul.


The search begins with all the longings in my heart,

Never to see daylight, making all fantasies real only in the dark.


The odyssey will continue forever in my heart,

Thou shall eventually find the work of art.


A day will come to quench the thirst carried for ages,

I shall meet my destiny, unlock her from the cages.


I can already hear the raindrops sing,

The white puffy clouds float with a tinge.


As the sun sets I walk with pride, happiness and glory,

The wait though longer was worth writing a story.


Dream on my friend, because you will never walk this path again,

She (destiny) will torment you; throw you many a hurdles,

But in the end it shall be your gain.