Few days back, I met my close friends over dinner at an organic cafe. We had a fun filled evening with the conversation being as smooth as the hummus and as cheesy as the pizza that we ate. Later we proceeded to have Gelato ice-cream at a nearby parlour and soon it was time to go home. While dropping off a very dear friend of mine, she suggested me the name of a particular web serial which I would find interesting. No sooner did I reach home, I had already forgotten about its name. This goes on to highlight the lack of mindfulness which many of us face today. Our mind is full and although we are present, we are not really present. This is especially more pronounced when we are bothered by something (small or big) and that keeps running in our head as was the case with me. Anyways, well past the midnight I was awake which is a rarity, I tried hard to remember the name of the web serial but failed . I messaged her and received an instant reply, the name was ‘City of Dreams’. Now with sleep still evading me and few thoughts bothering me, I decided to get a little creative and wrote a small poem.



Only when we sleep can we dream,

Dreaming in search of gleam,

With desires enough to fill up a ream,

But still a tiny speck in the Grand Scheme,

What is Life?

Nothing but an Ice-Cream,

Enjoy the sweetness before it melts and turns into spoilt cream!


I hope that you enjoyed reading the little poem and are enjoying your life too! Real enjoyment comes from meaningful work, value addition to the lives of others and deep conversations about the topics that you enjoy.

Please feel free to share your valuable feedback.

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