Everyone is free to dream about whatever they wish to do in life , without having dreams Life is tasteless and dreams are like water in a river,smell in a beautiful flower but when it comes to practicality one should remember that idealism is not an equivalent substitute for it, Remember your childhood when you used to play you might have had have thought that I want to play like this forever that was your dream but as with time you grew up you came to know that situations and circumstances has changed and practically it is not possible to play like that forever,this happens to everyone ,few realize earlier few realize later.

So one should always dream about life but never neglect practicality because that’s what you originally going to face in this human life.We can take one more example let say you plant a fruit 🌲 today and start dreaming that it will give me fruits after some years but you forgot that there may be havey rains ,storms ,high temperatures and also shortage of water so when you dream about something you should always consider what are other possible situations and always be prepared for them.