Move out of your Comfort Zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new. Brian Tracy.

Life can’t be the same if we repeat the same actions. An old saying is that” if you sow mango seed, you won’t get an apple, and if you are expecting an apple,” God save you. Life is full of surprises, and nature’s only rule is to grow. It doesn’t stop for anyone neither it changes its course. The same is the issue with people, and let’s take a story to understand it.

Aditya was intelligent and full of energy(no exception, kids are full of energy these days). He dreamt of many things and wanted to master them all. One day he would be excited about learning guitar, and another day he wants to be a cricket player. One day he wanted to be a judge, and another day he wanted to be a doctor. Heights are someday he wants to be Thor and someday wants to fly like a spiderman(he also tried to be bitten by a spider in the process). This is a story we can relate to every kid in the block and some we find in our homes. But, is it true only with the kids or with the adolescents and grown-ups also.

The answer is Yes, whatever age we are, we always have a dream to be fulfilled. And that dream is changing. As it is said, as soon as one desire is achieved, two more come, and this is human nature, and we can’t change it. Still, we can take one step at a time and focus on just one thing. We all have failed at least once in our lifetime( I have forgotten a million times, may it be learning a bicycle or a business venture). Still, we need to understand and connect the dots backward as to the real reason for that failure. And the common answers we find would be

·         Did I give my 100 %?

·         Was I prepared?

·         Did I do my homework?

·         Did I know the pros and cons?

·         Did I have the required skills?

·         Did I take expert advice?

·         Did I try to learn from the professionals. ?

And if the answer to the majority of questions is No, bingo, you got your answer, and if we need to find different answers to the same questions, we need to do other things and the things we have never tried before. If you want to learn how to drive, you need to sit on the car’s driver seat. If you need to learn how to play guitar, you need to practice until the fingers give up.

That means we need to put in that required effort. As said, Luck is when hard work and preparation meet opportunity.