Every one of us have dreams in night. Dream are natural glimpse of the life we are living. Everything that we see, feel and go through in life comes in dream. Sometimes even unfulfilled desires are seen in dreams. For the fulfillment of which we run in real life. In waking life, whatever we feel are stored in over subconscious mind, it becomes active when we sleep.. so these natural that things we come in dream. Have ever wondered when we watch a horror movie.. the scenes created leaves impact on our mind and it gets stored in subconscious mind and then we have dreams about as nightmares. Allow me take to take on dreamy ride what a specific dream means.. may be you would like to know the meaning of it.. let me begin with firstly with basic dreams:

So, if we dream greenery and sitting and standing and enjoying the beauty or whatever way, greenery represents abundance that the person will find growth in near future. It can be spiritual, family or materialistic.

 What if we dream about river, so as it represents flow, if we are going with the river, then it we are going with the flow of life. If we are going against the flow, then it represents to change the course since it symbolizes struggle.

What if we dream rain, then it means happiness knocking on the door.

Dreaming sky in dream means vastness i.e infinite freedom. It also represents the state of mind. If sky is clear it represents peaceful mind and if dark cloudy sky it represents, unhappiness.

Also dreaming of ocean means different in different scenario if it is calm it represents peaceful mind. If high tides, waves, tsunami or gentle waves, the magnitude of meaning changes with the speed of the waves. So it simply represents calmness inside.

So there are many more, will sharing them in the next part. Moreover interpretation here is my personal opinion not from any source.

Jai Sri Hari 🙏🌸


~Neelam Om