Dreams sometimes are clues to the future. And the prediction in dream comes only when the heart is pure and embedded in God. Sometimes, it is divine will for the person to do some great thing and fulfill grand purpose in his. Like Quran.. it is divine revelation to Prophet Mohammed and there many stories in our Scriptures where truth is revealed in dream itself. As I discussed about the dream in last post, here I would be putting light divine dreams.. So, indulge yourself in the dreamy world…

If we dream of Bhagwan Vishnu, it is very auspicious dream where it represents success in endeavors.

Dream of Bhagwan Braham, it symbolizes growth in life and find success.

And to dream of loving God Krishna, it represents success in love. Will marry the one you love and also relationship will improve and also represents luck.

To dream of our powerful Hanuman ji… it means victory over battles be it internal or external.

Maa Kali in dream is very powerful dream as the one who sees is already guarded and protected by Maa. So the dream is validation that Maa is with you, do not worry. Maa is saumaya as well as ferocious, so Maa dono roop maan ko shanti hi dete hai ek prem jhalkata hai toh ek Raksha karta hai. So, seeing any form of Maa is a blessing. Jayda nhi Socho bas khus raho.

Dreaming our cute Lord Ganesha.. O I means Gannu Baba, Ganpati Bappa means that everything will happen perfectly without any obstacle.

I hope some of you had dreamt God in one form or the other. Take it as a blessing. You’re pure soul.

Jai Sri Hari 🙏🌸


~Neelam Om

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