Having a purpose in life is very important.  Here is a person who decided to became entrepreneur at the age of 8.  Written a book about top 100 engineering colleges in India before actually joining it, while it took 25 years of my life to figure out what actually I want to do in my life.  

More than a purpose it’s important to invest our time to develop skills and those skills will shape our purpose.  
Ritesh Agarwal, (you can watch his complete story here) who grew up in a small village and he was crazy about computers. In his childhood, instead of playing with other kids he played with coding.  Funny fact is that he left his college only after 3 days after joining it. He felt no connection with the course.   Real life experiences are far more  important than bookish knowledge. He travelled extensively Visited many places. This gave him extraordinary knowledge. 

At some point in his life, Ritesh was kicked out of his apartment with 50 rupees in his pocket. However, making money was not his goal. His goal was to solve real-life problems. 
He noticed that his nearby hotel was empty and made less profit. So, he met the owner and promised him that he will make the hotel better. He changed the lights, replaced the blankets and hanged wall paintings. He created a beautiful ambience for the customers.  He took photos of the room and posted them on the internet and called it OYO (On your Own) hotel. This idea actually worked. The Hotel was filled with customers. 
At the age of 23 he was a billionaire and now OYO hotel have worlds 2nd largest hotel chain. This idea created 360000 jobs in India.  

Ritesh is only 27 currently. Many times, while traveling in India, I stayed in OYO hotels but I never knew the story behind it.  

My take away from this story. 
1. If we have burning desire, it simplify most of the unwanted things in life. Help to focus our energy better. 
2. If we don’t have a purpose, it’s better to invest our time learning a skill. New skills can change the course of life. 
3. If we observe his life. His focus was to solve real life problem, not to become famous or make money. Doing what we do with complete            dedication yield  success. 
 4. Trust in your instinct, don’t bother about what people say.

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