In mornings, when I wake, I see and feel
The dewdrops that have come to Earth to stay.
The autumn rains are not what I describe,
These droplets that I speak of, no one can
Tell me where they come from, up in the sky.
I like believing that they do come down.
But I know that more likely than not Sky
Creates these shapes so painstakingly, from
Well-molded glass, or maybe liquid gold.
Though silver seems a more attractive choice.
Perhaps I should speak of the rain as well,
The pouring drops come crashing down to Earth,
Reminding me that this is a tale for –
Another day, perhaps another life.

* * * * *

This poem was written in blank verse, which is unrhyming iambic pentameter. You may notice that every line is ten syllables (unless I messed up somewhere). I found this to be a great meter to write in, along with rhyming iambic tetrameter. Let me just explain what iambic pentameter is if anyone is interested. 

Iambic pentameter is a verse made up of five iambs. An iamb is an unstressed syllable followed by a stressed syllable. There are many kinds of metric feet, as they are called. Dactylic hexameter is known as the meter of epic poetry, primarily because Homer wrote in it. It is made up of six dactyls (a stressed syllable followed by two unstressed syllables). Iambic pentameter grew popular in the early 1600s when it was championed by authors such as Shakespeare.

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