Drug Abuse

Drugs are blessed discoveries for the society and well-being of members of the society and not to cause any harm to any of its members but are also abused worldwide.

Drug abuse is when someone is using drugs in any way that causes them harm. It is not a matter of how much drugs the person is using, but how their use affects their life and the lives of those around them. 

Drug abuse is a social problem that has spread and increased rapidly in our society, educational institutions too secondary schools, colleges and universities. 

Effects of drug abuse and drug addiction

Drug abuse 2

1 physical effect of drug addiction/ drug abuse

Some of the primary physical effects of drug addiction take place in the brain. The brain adapts to expect and depend on these drug induced highs.

Physical effect of drug addiction are also seen in babies of drug abusers as well as in mortality 

 contraction of HIV 

Irregular heart rates

Heart attack

Respiratory problems such as lung cancer and breathing problems

Abdominal pain




Kidney damage

Liver damage


Brain damage 

changes in body temperature

 2 Psychological effects of drug addiction

Wild mood swings



Decrease in pleasure in everyday life


desire to do increase Drug dose

A desire to engage in risky behaviour

3 Social effects

Commit suicide

Increase in violence






Immoral judgement

4 Economic effects


Economic laws

Poor performance


Drug abuse 3

Consequences of Drug Abuse for Individuals 

physical consequences

Individuals who use drugs experience a wide variety/array of physical effects other than those expected . 

Acute Toxicity 

Acute toxicity is the adverse effect produced by a drug followed by either a single exposure or multiple exposures. Heroine is found to have the greatest direct psychological toxicity and hallucinogens in general have the least direct toxicity.

Long term health problem

The long-term adverse effect of cigarette smoking are that problems that reduce life expectancy by an average of 10 years

Drugs taken intravenously can lead to complications related to this route of delivery. 

Traffic Accidents 

Drug abuse including alcohol is the major cause of traffic accidents. Nearly 40% of all deaths from traffic accidents is mainly due to alcohol intoxication or influence of other drugs and an estimated 18% of drivers are aged 16 to 20 .

School related problems

 Declining grades

Absenteeism from school

Dropping out of school

Downfall in academic and extracurricular performance

Risky sexual practices

Drug abuse 4

Individuals mostly adolescents who use drugs and alcohol are most likely to have sex, initiate sex at a younger age, have multiple sex partners and may indulge in un-natural sexual practice. As a result drug users are at a greater risk for unplanned pregnancies, HIV /AIDS , hepatitis C and other sexually transmitted diseases . 

Other problems are 

Mental effect

Development problems






Today there is need of strong commitment to build the criminal justice system and the police throughout the world,to maintain peace , law and order in every nation and to stop economic losses because of drug abuse.

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