Hello everyone! i was reading my English grammar and literature book today (from plinth to paramount) and at the last page i found this beautifully expressed and emotional poem on girl child written by the book author Mrs. Neetu Singh. Please read the full poem below👇


Down every street, you find a bin , some throw their dirt, some throw their sin, i knew this for long, but i hadn’t yet seen, what i saw today, when i crossed a bin. 

Early in the morning when the light was low, A few dogs were seen fighting for a loaf, one pulled the fore, the other one pulled the rear, RED blood oozing, from here and there. 

i went near the bin, lo and behold! A baby was there, few hours old. My heart ached terribly, something broke within, to see a lifeless baby, hounded in the bin. 

Many assembled there, some where highly curious, some men were sad and some women very furious! They talked about the mother, who was so heartless, to throw the baby there, when it was lifeless. 

Some talked about the woman who bore the agony, of throwing the baby born, before the matrimony. Some cursed the lady who deceived her spouse, Bore a child and then threw it out of the house. 

Some talked about poverty, many mouths to feed, Force the helpless parents to desert their breed. Time passed silently the sun shone brightly… the cops came gently and pulled the baby lightly. 

The eyes were closed, as if they couldn’t see, the cruel world of people, that didn’t let it live. The body was slender, pale and thin, the lips were petals… lovely and pink. 

The hands were folded, it’s hair was wet, for straight from the womb, death it had met. My eyes slipped down, and lo! behold the reason, why she was thrown out naked in winter season. 

No poverty, no infidelity, not even a wedlock, was the reason behind her, life being cut short. The crowd grew mum, it understood in no time… 

HER GENDER WAS HER SIN..the heinous of all crimes.