My Master….

On this path to You My Lord 

Each soul is on its own 

All friendships are for a while 

You alone are there all the time…


This is the only truth to know 

This is the wisdom most precious 

So turn my mind to Your Feet 

Stop its wandering around now…


When the mind wanders about 

It rests on him, her and their flaws

A new pleasure soon it discovers

Whose price to be paid is very life…


Precious is my life and its breaths

Let them not be wasted away now

Turn my mind towards You alone 

Become its only craving My Lord…


My being too will try with its all

To dwell on Your words and Form

Let Your Compassion pull me too

Together we will make it Yours..


( Your Grace to think about You, Your Grace to worship You, Your Grace to call You out, Your Grace to finally reach You My Lord. Let this mind leave all its flaws one after the other by dwelling on You, Let this mind become Your shadow by worshipping You…When the mind is Yours there is no separation from You at all )


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