I offer my obeisance to you Rev. Sri. Sri. Om Swamiji🙏🕉 Wishing you good health and peace🙏

2017, the year in Pune came with lot of surprises. Making new friends, getting associated with animal groups, time was so so constructive and full of joy. And one such joy I met was Sana.

Scrolling through the Pune Mirror newspaper and looking for the events section( that was my only purpose to check , no news reading ) to join or venture and learn something creative taking place in the town would please me always.

That day was special. I picked up my mobile and called on the given no in the section and spoke to Sana who was conducting a workshop in baking. Though I knew baking, but this sounded special and an innovative class, “ Jar Cakes” and in a way I would also get to meet and know her and a whole lot of other participants too.

Early next morning I started at around 7.30 am as Sana’s place was almost an hour’s drive and dot 9 am the class was to begin. Once at her place I rang the door bell. The entrance itself was very artistically done, which spoke volumes of the personality residing in it.

A beautiful lady opened and greeted me as if she knew me for ages.

“Welcome home yet again”, she smiled and let me in with a side hug. I was made seated  in the living area of her apartment which was extremely well kept. Sana handed a form to me to be filled and offered water to drink. I was truly touched by her gesture.

We briefly exchanged few words of interest and then we headed to a big table laid outside her kitchen, as the other participants were waiting equally excitedly  for the class to begin. The whole apartment was solely owned by her and catered to teaching purpose, as she conducted workshops every week and had many students/clients attending even from outside Pune. She would also cater to taking many orders of cakes and chocolates  from clients all over Pune. She herself stayed on the other floor of the same society.

An introduction with the other participants took place before we begun and I was equally elated to meet this bundle of women group full  of life . 

The class was full of  sharing to begin with and as to what great baking and its creativity does to our moods. It was fun, it was cheerful, esp. when one of us would blunder with a mixture and how we were helped to correct,  it was full of focus and concentration and also hard work for the hands. And the result was and equally delightful and a heartfelt yummy workshop.

Starting from 9 am till evening 7 pm  I did not experience a dull moment. We had half an hour lunch break , which was cooked by Sana herself , so one can imagine how much effort she put in of her good energy in catering to her students. Her simplicity in her nature made everyone so comfortable in the room. So much so if anybody wanted juice, or tea in between the ongoing class her domestic help was quick to offer.

Towards the end of the  class workshop we all carried different jars filled with yummy assorted cakes and fillings back home. So much so that she even filled some jars and handed over to her helper to carry for her family. I could clearly see that nothing was left for her own self. Even when most of us offered that she keep something for her dear ones to taste, she replied smilingly , “I keep baking for them, so stop worrying and enjoy with your dear ones”.  I guess true givers are always content and feel happy in giving joy to others🍃

In the true sense, I carried love and joy back home for I encountered a beautiful soul who was so full of love and compassion and her spirited nature that inspired others to keep going,  for all that mattered to Sana  was to share and pass on her creativity, her passion to the world she encountered wholeheartedly. Wonderful Teachers show up magnificently in life, in many forms isn’t it!

What was striking in her personality was inspite of being known as a big name in Pune as a baker par excellence, a legend in her teaching skills, I witnessed how she also went out of the way helping  many in their profession as bakers in Pune and Mumbai  and yet remained so humble. She would always say, “wherever in the world you travel, if you ever need help tips in baking or even starting your setup remember I am just a call away”.

We remained friends since then. Often we exchanged messages and communicated. As always she was quick enough to response.

Been four days since I left a message to her and it’s so unlike of her not to respond. Today early morning I got a message from my another dear friend in Pune who is also very close to her…  written, “ Sana is no more”.

I quickly reverted  with a call back to my friend and all I could hear was her crying, we had a very emotional moment. She narrated that Sana tested Covid positive and for good two weeks was admitted in the ICU and breathed her last yesterday evening. A beautiful, vivacious life lost so soon …Its still hard for me to believe …

Wishing you well on your own journey for I only have love to offer you in the creation of words dear Sana. “You truly served the world well with your skills and a beautiful humane nature. And that’s the only purity a Soul can offer to God as well. I shall Take good care of you in my heart in the form of your goodness dear one.” Rest in Peace 🙏🕉

Few words for this nurturer and beautiful Soul . I shall not remember you with grief but a Blessing. Love you Sana 🙏

Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting:

The Soul that rises with us, our life’s Star,

Hath had elsewhere its setting,

And cometh from afar…

What though the radiance which was once so bright

now for ever taken from my sight

Though nothing can bring back the hour

Of splendor in the grass, of glory in the flower;

We will grieve not, rather find

Strength in what remains behind.”

“To begin, begin.” ..life moves on…

― William Wordsworth,

I had to share this sacred departure of a beautiful Soul with you dear Sri. Sri. Om Swamiji and my OS family here, for all I know that this holy sanctuary here has only Blessings, Peace and Love to offer🙏🕉

Please take good care each one of you, stay safe and healthy and Divine Sri Hari Bless and protect you all🙏🕉

Sharing some of dear Sana’s creativity..


Om Shanti🙏

Siddhika Umesh

The above pic is of the Jar Cakes, my first meeting with Sana.