Eat The Frog First

A Tactic In Work Management

You may have heard the saying— “Own the morning, own the day!” The importance of morning cannot be overstated. It’s the most important part of the day. How you start your morning will determine how the rest of your day will be. The morning is the most energetic time to make use of. And ideally we should have a clear idea of what we have to accomplish the next day. So, the task to win the morning actually starts the previous night. Before going to sleep, for some time we should reflect on how the day has been and what are the things we have to work on the next day. This brings much clarity. 

Now, once it’s done, and morning breaks, and we set out to prepare ourselves for the day, this is the time to implement the strategy. It’s simply this: whatever is the most difficult task, do it first. 

Normally, our tendency is to delay the difficult tasks; and as a result of that, we start to procrastinate and the work gets delayed. Our minds tend to avoid hardworking and difficult tasks because pain will be involved there. And it’s the mind’s nature to seek pleasure always. But, one must not fall in this trap of mind. We should eat the frog first, that is, we should finish the most difficult task at the very beginning. Why? Well, psychologically, there are good reasons for that. 

Firstly, and most importantly, it gives us a sense of achievement. If we start the day with a difficult win first, our confidence gets boosted, and we are psychologically rewarded. Our morale gets high and we taste a sense of fulfillment which keeps us motivated all day. 

Secondly, our tendency to procrastinate disappears. Because after completing the most challenging task, we can do all other tasks with a free mind. We will not feel stressed. 

Thirdly, we develop a strong mindset to face any difficulty in life. 

And last but not the least, time and work management becomes easy. We have more energy and freedom to schedule our day. Therefore, productivity can increase. 

So, next morning when you wake up, make sure to take the frog first on your work-platter. All the best! 

Thank you.
Image Credit: Eden Constantino on unsplash.

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