Echo of universal prayers
I live in a small town .There is a mosque near by my house. I usually do meditation at evening time. while I was meditating I used to get disturbed by loud voice of prayer from the mosque .I used to get irritated and thought why couldn’t they pray in low voice without disturbing others. I am not against any religion but then it seemed to be disturbance to my calm meditative mood.
During the course of time one day it happened I read the book ‘Nimisham” where I went through small story …
One day a saint gets disturbed while offering his prayers to God by the irritating voice of frogs outside his cottage.
As the saint has attained some powers due to his constant prayers. he went out of his cottage and ordered the frogs to shut up .Due to his power all the creatures nearby became silent immediately along with the frogs.
Then saint goes into his cottage and again starts his prayer in that calm atmosphere but it happens his inner voice starts to ask him
“ whether he is right in making frog to become silent as it may also be offering its prayers in its one tongue .And it also asks him if God appreciates his slokas and prayers only and he does not accept the prayer of the frog.”
The saint says how could God enjoy the harsh and irritable voice of the frog .His inner voice replies if he had any doubts about the ability of Almighty who had given that kind of voice to those creatures .Is he finding fault with the creator himself.
The saint gets astonished at the thought.
The saint realizes his mistake and comes out of his cottage and orders all the creatures to sing.
All the creatures starts singing making their different sounds.
Then the saint starts again his prayer along with the frogs and felt the melody of their prayer.
That day he felt the real depth of prayer with whole universe and nature coming in harmony along with his prayer.
Just then I also realized that why can’t I join my prayer along with prayers at mosque.
Once I started feeling like that the prayer of both of us appeared to be echo of the universal prayers to Almighty
Now I feel any sound of any creature at the moment of my prayers as the prayer of its own language and happily join my own with them.

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