I should have written this post on Diwali of 2021, which was 20 days ago. But because of some work during that time, i couldn’t write it. So, i am writing this article now! 

As we all know that Diwali is one of the biggest festivals of India. It is celebrated because on this day of Diwali, thousands of years ago; Ram Ji returned to his city- Ayodhya after a 14 year long exile. Along with him came his wife Sita Ji, brother Lakshman Ji and Hanuman Ji also. So, the whole of Ayodhya was lit up with deeps and diyas; that’s why it was called Deepawali which became Diwali with time. As millenniums passed, many harmful things got attached to this sacred festival of lights. Some of these harmful things are firecrackers, rockets and other crackers which causes a lot of noise pollution and air pollution. Diwali which was a very peaceful, divine and positive festival started loosing these aspects of this auspicious festival only because of excessive burning of firecrackers. Due to these firecrackers, the air quality index of the whole of North India reached very harmful limits and it caused many health conditions like anxiety, asthma and suffocation etc. It’s high time that we stop burning firecrackers from now on and light diyas and candles just like the good old days. We can also make rangoli from organic colors to celebrate an Eco Friendly Diwali! I hope that all of us will celebrate an Eco Friendly Diwali next year with our family and friends without burning firecrackers. 

Jai Sri Ram!