I got married to a very virtous man ,who dint take a single penny as dowry or even wedding gifts too! His father was though a financially well settled man but this was his principle that he would buy all what we need according to his own finacial earnings! So being an attorney the initial years were a great struggle in terms of basic comforts too, like our basic window curtains too…we hung my chunnis for years! As a girl gets married thinking of all Bollywood romance and chitraahaar songs of joyously changing clothes every 4 hours ..no where does one think that u have to wash those clothes too! With no washing machine ,no money to afford a house help and on top of that no experience to wash clothes by hand what does a newly wed woman do??? So on third day after marriage my health freak husband gave me his white gym socks and told me to wash them white as snow! Zor ka jhatkaa…hai dheere se lagga! I smiled and said sure…as soon as he went to court i called the washing woman at my parental house and asked how to fix my dillema! We were 22kms apart and she could but only give me a Telephonic guidance…she told me soak socks in warm water and surf 1 scoop for 1 hour and then rub it with brush and then take them out of 8 buckets water to get rid of soap and foam! But i dont have 8 buckets …i told ,we had a newly set up grahasti…so she directed throw water 8 times in same one bucket till u get soap free water..
Ok claimed the pyaar mei doobi new bride! I did as directed after getting detergent , washing brush from the market ..
I kept washing the white socks but was still able only to make the socks Dalmatisn dogs so i kept singing the song”” mei ne tujhe chaaha dekhenge jo hoga so hoga” ,ultimately before my office time could start i could acheive some success hanging socks on rope of our backyard! Whole day at office i kept smiling at my newly learnt skill…even called my mom ,cousins and best freinds to share my achievement…there was no facebook or insta or whole world would have known..

When i reached home in evening before my husband i rushed straight to backyard to see my achievement of Snow white socks and give them as a gift to my husband when he comes for tea …but to my surprise only one Sock was there
Another may be flown away to unknown destination with storm that day and no peg or chittakhni to secure them! Ek chutki sindoor ki keemat tum kyaa jaano os.me members???

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