The vastness of the sky
Reminds me that I belong

The breeze caressing the leaves
Reminds me that I am cared for

The rain drops falling down
Reminds me of showers of blessings

The earth under my feet
Reminds me that I am supported

The waves in the ocean
Reminds me that everything keeps changing

The butterflies among flowers
Teaches me to live in the moment

The flame of the candle
Reminds me to seek higher

The chirping of birds
Remind me to listen to the souls music

The spectacular waterfall
Reminds me that in the blink of an eye
You may find yourself down

The morning sun reminds me
That there is hope after darkness

The twinkling stars remind me
That darkness may be vast but I can still be the brave light that shines on

The sweet scent of Jasmine
Reminds me that looks are not all

The innocent smile of an infant
Reminds me of my own pure soul

The river flowing to the sea
Reminds me of my purpose

To lose myself in the oneness
That is you,so that there is no more two

But only one…ekam

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