Properties of electrons are the another reason i inclined towards spirituality

when we go inside a atom there are three division electron , proton , neutron.
where The mass of the electron is 1/2000 times lesser than the mass of proton and neutron.
It was very socking for the scientists because electrons are supposed to particles of electricity so they must be material but they
are behaving in such a great consciousness that they become not noticeable and not traceable.
when electrons moves he is disappear he is non existential.
after studying electrons scientists finally admit that world is mystery , God is mystery the way universe works is mystery
Electrons display both particle properties and wave properties.

There was a scientist named Eddington, and he was observing the determined laws of electrons and trying to formulate a system, a law. He succeeded, the result being the law of determinacy.
However, once when he was studying the electrons, his vision changed entirely. He found that the electrons were behaving in a very anarchical manner. There was no logic, system or hypothesis behind their behavior. That was his vision, and he called it the law of indeterminacy.

Once he was asked, ‘What is this law which you have discovered behind the mathematical and logical behavior of electrons?’ He replied, ‘It cannot be explained.’ Someone asked, ‘How can you say that a movement in matter cannot be explained?’ Eddington answered, ‘It can be explained if you can jump over the mind.


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