As we come to the end of the #TheWriteChoice challenge I thought for the last article I will write on something different, something close to my heart, what I experience daily, I can quote my own examples and that is: Challenges!

While growing up, I knew of a Hindi saying “Aa Bail, Mujhe Maar“. This was basically used when someone invited trouble by his dumb behaviour. Little did I realise then, that growing up, I would build several habits that people would say that I am inviting trouble by doing them!

What do I mean by embrace challenges?  It means to be open opportunities that can test you. Look out for situations that sound tough but once you go through it, you cherish the experience gained and you came out much more stronger, brighter and smarter.

My simple formula for life is take up tough challenges when I am physically and mentally prepared so that in the unfortunate moment when life throws up any crisis I would be mentally, physically and morally capable to fight those challenges

Through the industrial age and with growth of the human civilisation, we have become used to lot of comfort and luxury, that was not available to the prehistoric man. The pre-historic man didn’t have clothes to wear, nothing to protect their body, had means of transportation, no air conditioner or fans, they didn’t live in concrete houses and still could embrace and adjust to the varying climate conditions. However today, we are born with the luxury of having a roof on our head, clothes to wear, food to eat and all kinds of transport to move around. We don’t need to hunt animals down for our food neither do we need grow anything ourselves, we can purchase items from the nearby store! In a luxurious living like this we tend to we weaken the body rather than strengthening it , which means that in any acute weather conditions, we tend to look for protection for our body.

My joy for running is a great example. On a given day, I could easily sleep till 7-8 am.  What makes me wake up at 5:00am and go for a 20 kilometre run? Even today, despite running for 7+  years,  every time I go for a run the first 2 or 3 kilometres are full of doubt, full of regret, anger, as to why am I doing this? What I’m going to get out of it? But 2 hours after the start as I reach the endpoint, I’m happy and cheerful, full of energy despite the gruelling 2 hour run because I know that I have conquered my fear, I have conquered my own resistance. This helps me build more confidence in myself that I can withstand tougher situations, challenges and come out stronger.

Struggle is a part and parcel of life. Failures are key ingredients for success. We should desire for failure rather than fearing it because when failure happens, life begins. Once we know our limitations, we can act on it till. Till we don’t know what’s our limit we will remain an illusionary world. An active life is an involved life, a fulfilling life and a complete life. As long as you’re active, you’re trying things out, you’re experimenting, challenging yourself, you will have something to look forward, something more to disprove, something more to conquer and something more to cherish.

Go LIVE LIFE, don’t just EXIST.