I have always felt like a misfit – I found it difficult to mingle with other kids at school, I found it extremely challenging to match-up to my friend circle in college and first job, I felt awkward at parties, I find it difficult to fit myself into the conventional life milestones rut. Now when I am aware of this feeling, I realize I wasted so many years in just trying to fit in. But why was I trying in the first place?

Maybe I had this fear that no one will accept me for who I am and hence I will be left alone in this race called life.

I always wanted to be someone else but never myself – because I never knew who I am. All of us look similar anatomically but are unique. There is no one like us, our personality, traits, emotions, reactions, everything is unique about us which makes us irreplaceable and incomparable. Why be someone else, let’s be ourselves na?

Over the last 2 years, I have actually started liking the person I am. Happy with my small successes and the pace I am progressing at 🙂 There are highs and lows, but I am enjoying my journey. I am confident that even if my journey is different, it will be worth it.

My cat Mimi (in the picture) sees all fishes alike and wants to gobble them all up. But if you peep in, you will see all the difference 💜