Sometimes you feel powerful, but other times you feel trapped.

Sometimes you watch people with wide smiles and wonder how to adapt.

But other times you identify your blessings and manage to spot them.

Being different is what makes you unique, so don’t ever lose it.


People regard insanity to be something that is well beyond their comprehension. As a result, they talk about it as though it’s ridiculous to imagine you could succeed.

Always remember that it’s fine to be different, in fact, it’s a good thing. You’re not the only one who feels this way. So, don’t be scared to stand out and allow your true colors to shine like a rainbow.

You should be proud of the fact that you’re not the same as everyone else; otherwise, the world would be a much darker place without your light.


Each one is unique
i am one of a kind. I am unique. I am who i am.

Embrace your individuality and demonstrate that you are a strong individual. There is no one living who thinks or speaks the same way you do; simply recognize that your individuality is what makes you attractive. That is something to be proud of.


People will judge you, regrettably, that is the way things are. Also, they’ll look at you and say you’re weird a lot of the time, but ignore that. It’s fine to be different, and you don’t need a disguise to do so. It’s important to remember that being different is fine.


You should praise yourself for who you are and appreciate yourself every day for being such a unique human being. Take the time to learn to appreciate yourself and to realize that you are enough. Change your inner-thinking and you’ll notice a difference on the outer.

You are different
“my uniqueness is wonderful and worthy of celebration! ”



Love and Regards

Dr. Chitvan.