I embrace pain
Like a prized possession
There are ways now
You’ve equipped me with
To see the beauty
The happiness
Of this life

O Lord
Your grace
Fills me with love
But on days when it does not
I seek not You
On days when I suffer
I seek not You
But pain

Years and Years
So many of them
You’ve trained me now
Not on how to call out to You
But to accept this slumber of life
I open my arms to pain

There is strength
But I choose not to use
But to expend
On bearing this pain

You are the universe
I have learnt not to ask
And call out to You
But to be playful
With this pain

I refuse to desert it
As if a beloved in guise
Such are the silly ways of this human race
We choose with open arms
What we most despise

O Lord of three worlds
Pull me out of these shackles
What is this silly wish to You
I see beauty out there
Mud puddles
I can jump and stomp in
Yet I have tied down
My own self
To embrace pain

Never wanting to let it go
I never allow it out of sight

Only Your magic can do wonders
One Look
A little pull
Bring me out
A new world awaits me
It’s there
In sight
At hands reach
Let me touch it
Make it my own

I wish to breathe
Happiness and Your Glories
Your Grace

Your Divine Presence 
I wish to bask in too
Casting away all that pulls me
Away from You