What gives me more happiness- Being emotionally strong? So that I am at peace with myself Or Being financially strong? So that I can enjoy the luxuries of life.

I guess a generic answer would be, both are important to lead a happening life. But what if when one starts ruining the other. Running after money may require compromise on interpersonal relationships. More hours at work = fewer hours with yourself, family, and friends. And vice versa.

I think the balance is critical. Hey, but is it that easy? No & Yes.

We don’t know how much we need to feel contented with that sum of money. Financial goals can become endless until we put a full stop. You see during this COVID time, most of us are seeing how much we need to spend to live happily. Prioritizing what we need will help us to make this process easier. When we know which emotions we need to work on to understand ourselves and others better, we can start setting aside some time daily to improve them. And knowing how much time a day you can spend on both aspects will make things easier for you and others.

The idea here is to move from No to Yes to attain that balance.

I am also learning and no expert here. Most of the days, I failed miserably. But I keep digging until I find the answers and move ahead.

At the end of the year, when we create a balance sheet- What do we want to see? Please answer in the comments section and feel free to share the process/tips that have worked for you in attaining this balance.

Jai Sri Hari! 🙂