Last week on Saturday, it was a beautiful sunny morning, wind gently blowing, birds chirping and the weather was very pleasant. I walked from my home to Manis Café, a south Indian fast food restaurant one block from my home to get breakfast-take out “Pongal” (a healthy breakfast of rice and mung dhal). I ordered one plate of pongal. As they had run out of Pongal, I had to wait as it had to be brought from one of their near by café. As I was waiting my eyes fell on an old lady sitting in a corner. She looked frail and I could sense that she was hungry. I went up to her and asked her if she would like to have some breakfast and she nodded her head.

I ordered one plate of idli ( another healthy south indian breakfast made of rice and ulud dhal)  for her. As soon as it arrived I gave it to her. Her face lit up with a glowing smile and she was so happy. Seeing her beaming smile I felt a a deep sense of love and  joy. We will come back to this story later.

It is very important in life to be mindful, empathetic, compassionate, kind and above all radiate love like Guruji says. Let us discuss each of these qualities.

Empathy: Mindfulness in action leads to Empathy. Empathy means putting yourself easily and completely in in another person’s shoes or experiencing someone else’s feelings. You listen to them completely without judging them. Empathy is not the same as Sympathy. Sympathy means understanding someone else’s suffering.

Compassion: Empathy in action leads to Compassion. Compassion ia a deeper level of empathy, demonstrating an actual desire to help a person. It is a unique feeling of sympathy for the suffering of others that involves emotions and empathy towards others, a sense of understanding, and experiencing the motivation to help alleviate and prevent it. Qualities of compassion are patience, wisdom, perseverance, warmth and resolve.

Kindness: Compassion in action is kindness. Kindness is deeper than compassion. Kindness is helping sincerely with out any expectation. Kindness is a movement. Have not we all experienced in our life some one help us and our intense desire to pay it forward? That’s because Kindness is a chain reaction. It’s a wave that keeps rolling, and all it needs is one person to start it. One small kind act can cause a ripple effect that impacts an entire community. If we all focus on being kind, we can create a movement of change. We all know the famous quote “be the change you wish to see in the world”. It is not about one person being able to change he world. It’s bigger; it is about a movement that can be started by a person with sincere intention and focus.   

Love: Kindness in action is love. A loving caring person is mindful, sympathetic, empathetic, and compassionate. Love is the most powerful emotion and it conquers everything. When you are filled with love inside you, you will experience love every where and in everyone.    

Having understood the above four qualities, let us now go back to the story I narrated in the beginning of the post and identify these ingredients:

1.    Empathy: Mindfulness in action; Being in the old lady’s shoes, I felt like she is hungry.

2.    Compassion: Empathy in action; I experienced a sincere desire to help the old lady to relieve her hunger.

3.    Kindness: Compassion in action; I bought food and gave it to her.

4.    Love: Kindness in action: Seeing the glowing smile on her face I experienced tremendous love and joy deep inside me.

This the first post. It is not me who is writing the post.I am just a medium and expressing the  thoughts from the teachings, blessings and grace of Guruji. I am thankful snd grateful to Guruji to provide me the opportunity to post in

In will continue in the next post and share a moving story of empathy, compassion, kindness and unconditional love .It is a very touching story. I was in tears reading it.