Empowerment – An introspective note to all……
“Just because you are blind and unable to see my beauty doesn’t mean, it doesn’t exist”
Morals & Education- Women are an incredible part of a society, they are often underestimated and discriminated in different forms and respects. Many a time women are not given their due importance and respect which they truly deserve. The reasons may be gender inequality, discrimination within the society, and family.

Women have the right to live independently and ethically in any society. But some oppose this as having them not independent and holding them back as they might fear from the success women may achieve. I think this is all related to morals and ethics. The consciousness of right and wrong, good and evil is called moral value.

The concept of good differs from person to person but the good considered from the moral point of view is regarded as the highest good and it is education which makes people understand the right values, ethics and morals which they can simply apply in their lives and I think it is very much important to learn morals and ethics towards the society through a proper channel and medium because I may have a different set of morals and any other person may have totally different ones.

According to me not giving women their due independence and respect is insensible and inhuman and if any other person thinks that women belong to lower category of human and they should not be treated as equal as we are,I think it’s the time wherein we should realize the importance of “ME” and let’s not become the victim of the conservative minds and follow the old traditions just to hold and satisfy the ego this society possess.

Let’s unite together and work on both the genders whether it is man or woman. As both builds society. And let’s give wings to the woman who will use these wings to become a better version of her. Support women, Support the root of this world.

Growth – There have been many barriers in the front of a woman who craves for her self-growth. There might be many challenges that she may face but I think the answer to all her questions which bugs around her when she needs someone the most is to just empower herself. She needs to understand her hidden talents and the skills and need to sharpen those, for her betterment and for the future as it is famous that “When a woman grows society will itself grow”.

Most of the women wrongly understand the concept of growth as merely professional however here I am talking about not only professionally, but also personally, mentally, ethically, and spiritually. A woman is a very important part of society and she needs to be treated that way only. But if she is not treated in a way she deserves, I think it’s best to move on from the place and start to work on herself because Success is the best answer to those who don’t value you in time.

The Power to Decide- I think this is the most important factor which a woman needs to own. In this society, a woman takes hardly any step or decision on her own. She either waits for her father to approve any her of her decision or maybe from her husband. She is never given this privilege that she can take on life decisions on her own. It’s my request to all the parents to grow them strong mentally in a way that they would be able to take on decisions on their own and would not wait for the approvals from the male coordinators of their life rather they should discuss their life patterns and decisions with the male coordinators they have.

Also, Women should not feel burdened when they want to share their thoughts with their family members, it is as simple as that, they need a person to discuss on any big decision as any other male member would need at the time of any critical situation of their lives. Give them this privilege to come to you for the need of asking for the better suggestion or decision, don’t hover on them to go by your approval only. They should be the decision-makers of their life not anyone else for that matter.

I am sure these insights of mine would definitely prove to be useful to you and will give all of you a reason to introspect and realize what’s more important, the conservative society with their dull and narcissist behavior with women or the growth of the other side of the coin which is WOMAN.
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