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Enhancement of life means enhancement of dimension of faculty of brain , without its enhancement , it is not made possible to live with the quality of Life . The faculty of brain comprises of many faculty some of the faculty is given below .
– [ ] Intelligence faculty
– [ ] Memory faculty
– [ ] Emotional faculty
– [ ] Motor cortex faculty
– [ ] Visual cortex & etc .
All said faculties of brain are attributed to our quality of life . So we need to understand that how it is to be enhancement .The  best way of enhancement of faculty is to bring peace and happiness in life and help to the unfortunate  and under privileged human being . The  purpose of life is to save the life  and to get peace . Meditation is  the  best way to calm down the brain so that it can take right decision in life . The agitated bran has inconsistency and indecisiveness.

Om Shanti   

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