This story is all about today, the present which I always missed to acknowledge as I was either thinking about tomorrow or yesterday. I always felt we are racing towards some goal which we keep changing time to time :). Then all of a sudden there came a sudden turn of events which brought life to stand still. There were only worry everywhere and around. This worry seems to be new normal for everyone around.

As days passed, I started finding more time to do what I always wanted to do and thought I never had time which in fact is not true. I started spending more time in gardening, meditating, observing the nature around, reading books. I can still say I am in kindergarten when it comes to meditation but how can I not be grateful to this whole new practice which I at last started.

There are times today, when I sit calm, looked back but this time to have some beautiful realizations. Those miracles, turn of events which happened and with all the blessing and grace of Bhagwan, we could sail through those events. Instead of being grateful to him and trusting him, I was busy worrying about why did that happen and what would happen tomorrow. I have understood, we have always been grateful to him during any major turn of events but what about those miracle he is bringing everyday and yet I fail to recognize that.

Its now time for me to look deep within, realize more, meditate more and be also grateful for little things in life.

I always wanted to write  but I knew I could be boring and meaningless story writer which I might have already proved by now :-). I have written this short writings with sole purpose of expressing gratitude towards the almighty, my Baba and to Guruji Om Swamy ji for showing all of us the path continuously to get closer and experience the divine grace.

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