The other day I passed by a group in the park who were deep in a serious discussion… Out of curiosity I sat down on the bench near by and heard their conversation.

“Do you know Mrs. Malhotra has bought a new BMW yesterday and just a week ago I saw a new Mercedes in her doorway” When I congratulated her this morning , she turned around and said, “They belong to me … I bought them with my money, the pride in her voice confused me and I thought to myself that this two letter word”MY” has such profound meaning…

We all hear this same conversation daily…. My house, my clothes, my tv, etc…and the pride or ego accompanying them… but the actual reality is that none of these belong to us…they have been lent to us by God to enjoy our stay here on earth.

The reality that most of us fail to see and understand is that we are all “visitors” here on earth and we are lucky to get this opportunity by the grace of God. Nothing is ours and nothing is permanent and nothing stays with us forever. They are lent to us for our time on earth and will be taken back at the time of our departure.

So instead of harping on the sentence “Mine” we should instead bow our heads before the Lord and show our gratitude and say thanks for everything we are enjoying be it the air we breathe, water we drink,food we eat, clothes we wear, house we live in etc.

Let’s learn to live our life as Visitors and when the time comes for departing leave with a smile on our face and thanks on our lips.

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