I had just moved into a new society in Gurgaon, and had taken a flat on rent for a year to get the feel of the place. Once settled, I began exploring the place and people staying there, and one day I came across a group of men talking amongst themselves and on seeing me one gentleman Mr. Malhotra came up to me and invited me to meet the rest. After the usual hellos, Mr. Malhotra introduced me as Mr.Bajaj and added that I stay in flat not 901 in C wing and that I am living in a rental accomadation. There was a pin drop silence and surprised looks all around.
This same conversation happened more than three times and one day when I felt it was just too much, I approached Mr.Malhotra and asked him,”why are you so insistent on the word”rental” and “owner”…Can you please explain me the difference in them.
It took a few minutes for Mr.Malhotra to understand what I was trying to say,and he replied, “Mr. Bajaj by rental I meant you don’t own the flat, while I am the owner of 4 flats in this society, meaning I own these flats and they are mine .
I laughed and replied, “ What makes you think you are the owner of this flat”, he replied it has my name plate on the door so it belongs to me naturally.
I replied , today you maybe the owner but tomorrow the name plate could be mine or someone else then what … he replied I don’t understand .
Then I explained that we are all visitors here for a time period and we own nothing at all, all we possess is due to the grace of the lord and we are all rentals here be it our house, clothes, cars, money ….nothing is ours…The day we realize this reality we will stop being egoistic and grateful and submissive.
The more we are egoistic and full of “ME” and “MINE” we are cutting ourselves off from the Almighty and when we forget to thank Him and stop being grateful to Him we suffer in life….we can never be happy and satisfied with what we have.
Stop using Me and Mine and instead start saying “All Is Yours God Thank You”

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