Everyone has their own life. Sometimes we say that life is good sometimes, bad sometimes, and okay. We never accept it for what it is, because we want everything on its own. For example, if I want to get full marks in an exam, then I expect to not read and get full marks in exam. We sometimes experience that we do like the challenges, because when we face them off and we feel we are unstoppable. For this point of enjoying, we face challenges.

We can enjoy life by taking the good and bad equally. Here is a story related to this:

Once, there lived a man. Everyone thinks he doesn’t have a mind. The man takes everything lightly. So one day, when he was eating his food in the hotel, a fly fell on the sweet, so “he threw the sweet.” He’s a little disappointed that he won’t be able to eat the dessert, but he accepts it graciously and continues on his way. When others ate their sweets in the hotel, they found them sour. He was lucky to not need to end the meal with a sour taste. He went to a newly opened exhibition where all the others were very excited and went to buy something fast and got injured in the process. The man goes to see the exhibition. Slowly (taking everything equally), he buys the new items and goes home.

We should every time take everything equally to enjoy the life like him luckily.

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