Though I’m not enchanted with the idea of time yet the year 2021 has been an exceptionally great year. So many things happened but one incident I would like to relate here, is my experience of going consciously through Covid-19. I remained bedridden for almost one month. My condition was such that I could walk a few steps with much effort. My oxygen levels were too low and one of acquaintance died in the same condition at  compartively higher oxygen levels. It was a critical period of time but I survived. I saw my breathing getting really slow and soothing. I knew it was close and I could see this very clearly. After this moment I felt like I was getting back after a failed knock at door of ‘Yama’, the angel of death. I didn’t go to a hospital nor did I take steroids. It was a prescription of common and normally taken medicines. I remained almost one month in isolation and was exhausted at the level of body but very observant one at the level of mind. 
After almost one month of sickness I began recovering and realized that this whole while I was in the process of ceaseless meditation. I came out stronger and clearer. It all boosted my level in meditation and actually a great aid to it.
The big thing awarded to me was an outlook which sees only the positive in everything and the realisation that negativity and suffering is just a bit of ignorance.
Wish you all an enlightening new year…🙏