“Sarva Mangala Mangalye Shive Sarvartha SadhikeSaranye Trayambike Gauri Narayani Namostute” Jai Maa🙏🕉🌺

I offer my obeisance to you, Sri Om Swamiji 🙏🕉

It was a very uncalled phase of my life, in the year 2015 where I even had to give up my fur baby, Lotus, for adoption to a humble family near Kolkata. Even though you want to retain or alter situations, it’s near to impossible in maintaining certain decisions, at some point.

I happened to visit the sweet new Bengali family of my fur baby shortly, on their humble invitation. It was never the plan and since the family was from a small town near Canning, they thought I would not accept the request to visit owing to their average backdrop. But I was too happy to visit them and they were overjoyed.

Their younger son, arrived on the said day to accompany me to their home. It was a long route and pretty out of the way. The travel was not an easy one. The roads were more or less damaged, full of potholes and at times there were just muddy tracks. At one point I thought the car would topple or get stuck. But one look at the young boy’s face, full of joy and gratitude, made me forget every discomfort.

Finally, on reaching their place, I found the whole environment very rustic, more tribal, full of freedom, fresh air. Nature at its best.

I was greeted lovingly and warmly. Some ladies from the neighborhood gathered and wanted to meet me, such was the excitement and I offered to spend time with them later.

Out of the two rooms they had, one was given to me, for I had promised to stay with them for 2-3 days. The kitchen was outside and was partially made of mud with a thatched roof where the mother of the boys was busy preparing lunch and tea with much joy.  Everything seemed so flawless. The best bit was they had their own Pukur ( a small pond where they grew their veggies). Imagine the sight!!

I have always loved nature, mud, and a rustic life. So it was a delightful change for me too. Plus I was equally happy that my pet, baby Lotus was now in a natural environment away from the city pollution with such a loving family.

The amount of warmth, laughter and joy those 3 days brought for me was beyond imagination. The lady of the house, every now and then would offer and serve something to eat at short intervals even though I am a small eater. I had to humbly request her to sit with me and not trouble herself.
My room had a small planked bed, with a neat sheet on it and in one corner was an old wooden temple very neatly kept with Maa Saraswati in the center of all the other deities.

Night came, we all ( the two young boys, the mother, and father) shared some nice experiences of their life and time just flew. There was so much of harmony and contentment in them and the place.

As usual, I was up early morning. After finishing my daily routine of meditation and chanting I sat down to write something. Since the temple was in my room, after a while,  I saw one by one the family member entering and praying and then leave. Finally, the old father came and sat down in front of Maa Saraswati. With folded hands he softly started his prayer and even though his eyes were shut, I could see tears rolling down on his face.

After a few mins, he finished his Pooja, and then smilingly looked at me, and asked “ Maa, have you eaten anything! It’s a poor man’s house, so please forgive us if we are not able to serve your kind of food or for any mistake if any”.
The humble man did not know, that my fav food is just boiled dal rice, or salted chapatti/parantha with tea ( trust me it’s heavenly). And their food was far superior to my food habits. So I smiled and mentioned that I felt royal being at their beautiful abode.

But my heart was still feeling for the tears that rolled on the old mans face during prayers, I was intrigued to know the expression and thought behind those tears , even though I knew it was his bhaav towards the Devi. So after breakfast, the family sat down together, and I gently asked the father, as to what brought tears to his eyes while praying!

The wise old man’s eyes lit up and with a gentle smile said “ Oh Maa! that happens every day for years now. Each morning, like a small child I talk to  Devi Maa,  thanking Her every bit, for she as the Divine Mother, graciously in all quietness takes care of us so unconditionally, without asking for anything in return”. He further added, “ as Her child if I can’t even show my love and gratitude and make a humble offering,  in the form of tears, then of what use is my life. It is also our dharma, to live in peace and harmony with each other”.

It made me realize, that it’s the simplest of the souls like him, that are supremely blessed with the highest wisdom.  A drop of tear each day as an offering to the Divine Mother, what could be more beautiful than that ! 🙏🕉 what a Divine truth.

I traveled back home after a couple of days, but my heart was left behind in that humble place. The witnessing of pure love for Mother Divine, the offering so sacred. Sometimes even visiting the highest of the shrines would not give such fulfilment that one could find under a thatched roof,  full of bliss. Lotus, my fur baby was looked after really well. She was their child now. Both families have been  in touch all this while and Lotus has always the center of attention in the conversations.

It’s been 5 years…

Just got the news day before that Lotus crossed over the rainbow bridge today. For the past 4 days she had become quiet, stopped eating food. Medication was given, few vets were managed to get her treated at home, owing to the pandemic situation, but in vain. Without troubling anyone, she quietly left. We are shaken. Our pets actually make us survive through our good and bad times. Its heart wrenching when they depart. She was given a proper farewell with certain rituals even amidst the pandemic situation, and laid to rest.

She was my best buddy, who spread immense joy with her playful nature. There was never a dull time  around her. Her love so pure and unconditional,

🕉🙏  Thank you, Lotus for giving us the best moments of our lives. Wish you peace and all the happiness and know that you are in a beautiful world, looked after by Mother Divine.

The sacred essence of tear yet again for love unconditional  🙏🕉 An enriching Soul travels on the Divine Truth…a journey begins… “DUGGA DUGGA”🍃🙏🕉🌺

Jai Maa🙏🕉